Commercial Roof Coating Installation and Repairs

Don't Shell Out Thousands of Dollars on a Full Roof Replacement

Don't Shell Out Thousands of Dollars on a Full Roof Replacement

Call WeatherTite Coatings, for commercial roof coating & repairs in Orlando & Altamonte Springs, FL

Maybe you can't afford a full roof replacement for your building. But you know you can't operate your business for another rainy week with a leaky roof. WeatherTite Coatings, Inc. has a solution just for you. We offer specialized roof coating services in Orlando, Florida.

We can fix any existing roof issue and apply a protective roof coating on your building. Contact WeatherTite Coatings today for affordable roof coating repairs in Orlando, FL and all surrounding areas.

Why should you consider a fluid-applied roof coating?

A roof coating can be applied over most roofing systems, including metal, concrete and asphalt roofs. We can apply either a silicone or an elastomeric coating on your roof. A coated roof can:

  1. Extend the life of your roof for over 20 years
  2. Protect your building from heat and UV rays
  3. Minimize the effects of ponding water (silicone only)

Most importantly, we can repair and coat your roof for a lot less than what a full replacement would cost. Call WeatherTite Coatings, Inc. today for commercial roof coating repair in Orlando, Florida and all surrounding areas.